Comic #71 We Built A Tough Exterior for No Reason? أصبحنا أقوى ولا ندري لماذا؟

It’s hard for me to explain this one because I’m not sure if the others feel the same.

This comic about the struggles we face in life from an early age. Those struggles differ in their definition from one person to another.

For me, it was about being a girl in a family that takes both traditions and religion very seriously. I was controlled until I hated anything related to authority, asked to be silenced until I forgot my voice, and was taught too many confusing rules until it made me too afraid to make any step.

While growing up and facing more of these struggles, I realized that I started shaping my own world, to be free from reality. I became what I wanted to be. It was a sort of resistance in a way, and in my world, resistance makes you stronger. To resist society’s norms, people’s shallow opinions, and meaningless traditions. I grew up to be patient about everything I didn’t like around me.

My own thoughts and beliefs were my shield and my super power. I couldn’t let anyone take that from me, it was the most valuable thing I had after all.

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