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Hope is crazy, funny, and always celebrates the unpopular opinions.

The best thing about Hope is that she celebrates her weirdness. This has to do with her origin story and the things she faced throughout her journey.

Her small gang is everything to her, especially Apollo.

Her love for coffee, reading, and comics is beyond description.

The others think she has super powers but she refuses to talk about that and prefers to talk about “the magic in the air”.


Aether comes from a place beyond the clouds.

He has universal knowledge a few people are aware of.

He loves his robots and everything related to tech.

He loves silence, jokes, and video games.

But, there is a mystery about him he prefers not to share.


Apollo is the ultimate space cat.

He can fly, but only when he feels like it.

He’s obsessed with space treats because there is only one destination to get them (Hope won’t tell him where that is).

He daydreams a lot about floating in space and catching clouds that look like mice and fish.

His secret power is in his eyes. The power of his stare is beyond description!


Maybe it’s time to think about the letter ‘A’ in this comic story…

Armada is more silent than Aether. She prefers her music to do the talking.

She loves reading and shares her favorite book titles with Hope.

She doesn’t get along with Aether that much because the awkward silence between them is always so unnerving.

Apollo is her buddy for sure, she likes playing music for him and he likes getting his paw tangled in the strings.

Her favorite food is pizza because it is shaped like triangles.


Hedo is a short name for Hedone, named after the goddess of pleasure.

Hedo wants to be the villain in this story but she forgets about it sometimes and tries to help the others.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy making fun of them and slapping them in the face with blunt truths and harsh opinions.

She is also very materialistic, but she uses money to obtain her long-term goals. She has lots of them and they can be a bit selfish.

She always keeps an eye on Hope because of her crazy random ideas. They kind of inspire each other with new ideas.

She doesn’t like talking about where she comes from because of her bad past.

Her best skill is making the darkest coffee in the universe. Secret recipe!

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