Notebook Doodles from May 2022

What if we lost our words? They’re taking small letters, then big letters, then small words, then bigger words. Until we end up swallowing our sentences. Until our stomaches start aching from the spoiled thoughts, and the unspoken words. Until we forget how to speak. #hopebaqshy Days Follows Thoughts Follows Dates اعتقدت بأن بامكاني أن … Continue reading Notebook Doodles from May 2022

Comic #78 | Saleh Al Ojairi

اجعلوا العلم من أجل أهدافكم وإن المرء يدرك بالعلم ما لا يدركه بسواه وأن ليس هناك معلم يستطيع أن يهبك العلم مثلما تهبه أنت لنفسك! فأنت خير معلم لذاتك وبنفسك ترقى إلى سلم المجد.— صالح العجيري (١٩٢٠-٢٠٢٢) صالح العجيري In memory of the Kuwaiti Astronomer Saleh Al Ojairi who contributed with his many achievements in … Continue reading Comic #78 | Saleh Al Ojairi

Comic #77 | On Books & Love

When I have to travel to meet the books I love 💗 Visiting Kinokuniya Bookstore in Dubai is like strolling into the garden of Eden! Ask me about the book I got… Recommending the Hithiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to a Random Stranger Accurate representation of the happiness tears while book browsing