Comic 22: Principles, Where Art Thou? (And a Comic about the Truth)


I was thinking of what to write in my next post the other morning and I had a few thoughts, then while listening to my morning audiobook the narrator kept mentioning the word ‘principles’ and I thought:

It is really strange that I don’t hear that word being used more often, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say it.

Did they replace that word with something else?

Cambridge Dictionary defines principles as:

“a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.”

While Merriam Webster Dictional defines the word as:

“a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption.”

I define my principles as:

Having a set of rules for oneself instead of just following a set of rules or what other people tell one to do, or not to do.

I always get a strange reaction every time I mention the word principles to some people… The strange thing is to be in utter shock towards people that don’t know if they have principles or not. Maybe it is blasphemous to replace religious teachings/ instructions with personal principles? “sarcastic laugh*

Here are some of my principles… I don’t know if other people find it condescending to speak of principles but for me, a person with principles gives me a good feeling of comfort and respect… as if we both have met earlier in a previous dimension in some older historical era where people respect each other without feeling forced for having to do so…

Anyways, here are my slightly condescending principles:

  1. To not to use lying to get out of things or for excuses.
  2. To be honest toward the person I talk to, regardless of who they are. To always tell them the truth.
  3. To respect all types of people, differences aside.
  4. To leave any place I go to as clean as I found it.
  5. To not say bad words to people whether people I know or strangers.
  6. To always speak up when I’m experiencing discomfort.
  7. Respect the rules.
  8. I don’t do good deeds to collect enough points to enter “heaven”, I simply do good because doing the right thing feels good.
  9. I don’t avoid doing bad things because I’m afraid of punishment and going to “hell”, doing bad things is bad because they lead to bad consequences.
  10. Be grateful for what I have, whether material things that I use or people I know. Treating something or someone in a good way pays back in return. It always does.

Here’s a comic a worked on about my truth principle:

Until the next not-so-religious ten commandments principles,

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