Happy 2020

Are we to blame the years for our success and failures? For the bad people we encounter in our lives and for the bad experiences?

I always think that a thing becomes bad because we give it certain qualities associated with us as people, then, we end up feeding that “bad” monster until it manages to eat us in one gulp.

I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen, they do happen very often but the best thing to do about them is to see them as experiences to learn from, and not to allow them to take bites from who we really are.

Sometimes it is easy to victimize ourselves and act weak because acting tough requires energy and determination, most of the time we’re too tired to do that. Regardless, we have to act tough and stand strong in the face of any calamity.

Most importantly, it is important to have fun and not take things too seriously, life is fun and as I demonstrated in one of my comics, life is a video game and we should just enjoy playing it while seeking to get the trophies and the best rewards by defeating the toughest monsters. Playing the game and finishing it is rewarding and I don’t agree with whoever wants to argue otherwise.

Let’s have fun and allow people to have fun too 🙂

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