The Game of Thrones Parody

Many have thought

That fights are done with nothing

But weapons and swords.

And, respect can be gained,

Through an Assembled Chair.


Those so-called “Victories”

And, the silly flags

Excuses for nothing but murder

And to claim the possession

Of just an empty land.


Your stone-to-the-core heart

Might as well be mistaken

With your hand-held

Valyrian Steel arm.

Cold, sharp, and dence.


If only weapons could tell

All the stories of desires and spells

If only, they could sing a song

A cacophony of Ice and Fire.

But, we will never differ

The beaten from those who conspire


Is it really difficult to know?

To tell who are the heroes,

And who are the foes?

Does it help to be able to

Hear the three-eyed ravens caw?


In the cold nights we wander

Counting steps at ease.

All those passing nights,

While our souls freeze.

Begging for death to creep.


Slowly, the soldiers get released.

In the mid of the longest night.

Makes us mistake the red,

For the blood or for the fire?

When did death become so warm?


To give up, is sometimes

more difficult than to fight.

Thudding, Thumping, Squishing.

A crowd of one purpose;

To count the murdered corpses.


Worst of all, when shame

Is to be called with a new name.

I may ask, to whom shall we hold

Hatred toward the most?

The king killer? The brutal betrayal?


I may not forget that child

with nothing to believe but false pride.

Regardless, there is a lot to say

About a Queen stupidly mistaken

Power for pride.


Shall we call those with power blind?

Like a deity, breathing fire

Through a thousand child.

Are we to call this glory?

Or an episode of ungodly fury?


It happened upon our eye

A game of who gets the most “Aye!”


While some cry their loss,

Others fly away with a sigh

But one, forces his heart a pause

And, with no mercy

Stabs the one,

That means the most.


4 thoughts on “The Game of Thrones Parody

  1. Wow what a poem!

    So deep and thoughtful,
    Gives hope to the hopeful,
    Like the Battle of Waterloo,
    Or Scissorlips’ lyrics of Rishloo,
    Dragon glass killed the White Walkers,
    In the end war prevailed,as did the Stark-ers

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  2. This parody poem sums up how I’ve been wrestling my confusion so well. The GOT series had so much more it could have explored, but they wanted to end it. As if, the scene production with the coffee cup was any indication…the crew was ready for it end, too. This poem is so appropriate to fill the void of “Game Of Thrones ??? WTF?!?…” moments.

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