Journal Illustration 14: Getting Back to Writing Because I Have Truths to Share

This is a sketch I did just to have a visual to associate with what I wrote.

I keep thinking of getting back to writing but I always get lost in thought when I think about what to write. The fact that the internet is full of information and people writing about useless things keeps me nervously on my toes when it comes to sharing my personal content. Until recently…

I have realized that I’ve been reading many articles and books that share the same theme: representation, or self-representation, through art, whether it was writing, painting, sketching, or any form of self expression. Then I asked myself: Am I being represented in the things I read?

After thinking about it for many days, I have realized that there are a few things that I come across that actually fall in the category of self-representation. My personality might be an odd mix with the things I like; it is like a weird mix of classic arts, popular culture that is not so popular, some cultural and artistic representations from my Kuwaiti culture, and other weird things that make me smile with no logical justification. The keywords here are ‘odd’ and ‘weird’.

I know for a fact that I’m not one of my kind, that is why I want to share things that can build bridges instead of walls that separate. It is really difficult to open and talk about things in our culture and that gives me more reason to want to share. Talking about being different is not very popular here, to criticize the common practices, to point out the wrong things in what other call ‘truths’ means crossing red lines, but I will write for those that can read between the lines.

Until the next red line manoeuvre,

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